The Gift Card Centre Consulting advises retailers how to maximise their gift card programme potential online and in-store....

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The Gift Card Centre Consulting Advises Retailers How to Maximise Their Gift Card Programme Potential Online and In-Store 

The Gift Card Centre Limited’s consulting group is challenging UK retailers to maximise their potential in the gift card space, by embracing the sales and customer acquisition opportunity presented by stored value gift cards, both in their shops and online.

“Our internal projections show that that UK gift card market is eight years behind the United States in terms of gift card sales, marketing and retailer activity” said Keith Brand, co-founder of The Gift Card Centre. “The UK gift card market has made great strides these past three years, and there are now over 150 gift card schemes, up from a handful just three years ago.”

According to the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association, UK gift card sales will for the first time exceed paper voucher sales, coming in at over £1.8 billion for 2008.

“We see significant opportunity for current issuers to improve their gift card schemes – whether that be through better card designs, gift card packaging, much improved in-store merchandising and promotion, selling and redeeming gift cards on their own websites, and also via third party online and offline sales channels such as and supermarket and convenience retail locations” continued Brand.

“We also believe there will be an explosion of new gift card offers in the UK these next few years, as gift cards are introduced in restaurants, coffee shops, airlines, petrol stations, online retailers and every high street retail location. To not have a gift card is already a significant competitive disadvantage, and we believe UK retailers, with the right expertise and advice, will now quickly embrace the opportunity” concluded Brand.

According to The Gift Card Centre Consulting, retailers around the world have embraced stored value gift cards while considering their significant benefits, including:

• New customer acquisition
• Increased shop footfall
• Increased spend (over the value of the card)
• Fraud prevention, reduced labor cost, float and non-redemption
• Ability to display cards on the shop floor
• Profits from associated packaging
• Customer data acquisition, branding and retention marketing

The Gift Card Centre Consulting advises clients who do not currently have a gift card schemes, evaluating their current situation and goals, and recommending the best path to market. The group also advises current gift card issuers on how they can fully take advantage of their gift card opportunity. The Gift Card Centre Consulting offers a free two-hour initial consultation for prospective clients.

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