The GiftCard Centre 'Wish' Account

Sometimes trying to choose for your staff or customers becomes challenging, especially if you are dealing with a diverse age range, or different tastes.

Collating lists of who wants what becomes a chore and often with staff away, these lists seem to never end or get completed.

Oh for an easier solution....Wishful thinking?.......Not with the Wish Account! Now you can simply load a gift account with a value - and leave your loved one, staff or customer to do the rest!  

We simply send an e code to your recipients, and your staff or customers then simply shop on our website, and exchange the monies loaded on their account for their own choice of giftcards from our selection, often mixing and matching as they go. Any time, any day or night.

The balance stays in their account until spent or for an agreed period, and each account is accessed using a simple code, linked to their existing email address.

If they spend more than their balance they simply pay the balance using a debit or credit card, or they can leave their balance remaining, and simply save up for a rainy day or for that extra special gift card experience.

The Wish account can be topped as well, so your campaign can really add value, and our customer service team can give you balances and management reports showing how successful your campaign has been.

Case Study: Major Recruitment Specialist

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This company reward their staff for long service and for other rewards during the year. As the company grew, so did the task of finding suitable prizes, rewards and ideas for the team. By using a Wish Account, the team can now use their well earned bonus in their own time, some of them saving various payments throughout the year to spend on Gift Cards of their choice.  A simple excel upload occurs each month with who is being rewarded, and we then top up the accounts accordingly.  With the huge choice available, happy staff make a happy company!

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