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Activate your gift card

Activating Gift Cards

If your pack arrived by Protect in Post (chosen by you or your giftee), which is 1st Class or Recorded, and your order value is over £75 then you will need to activate your gift cards as they have been made them secure for you by not adding value until you have them safely as per your instructions.  

TheGiftCardCentre team activate gift cards Monday to Friday 9-2pm and most of them are activated by 6pm each day, but some, we need to send to the brands to activate, so can then take up to 24/48 working hours to make live after you tell us you have received them.   

Simply send us an email with your order number to [email protected] so that we can get these activated asap for you.  Please be aware, that if you then post your gift cards on, then we are not responsible if these if they then go astray in the post.  We do not need your card numbers, we have those stored.

Always check with the brand website or advise your recipient to do so incase of any unforseen technical hitches from the brands.