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Gift Card Consultancy

The launch of Gift Cards to replace or enhance gift voucher sales has seen spectacular growth for retailers over the past ten years, with the industry as a whole now worth over circa £6b annually* Changes have been dramatic with legislation and EU rules, and retailers need to understand these changes, know how to transition and how to maximise the benefits of moving to a gift card platform.

Whether you are just considering Gift Cards as a solution or have had years of business in the stored value industry, TheGiftCardCentre’s consulting services can create
value for clients and serve as trusted business advisors. Working collaboratively with clients, we provide solutions to the business needs that your organization is confronted with, such as growing revenues, streamlining costs and linking strategy to execution.

TheGiftCardCentre also provides solutions for existing UK Gift Card issuers to improve their Gift Card sales via the internet. The initiation of this business was created by four individuals that have a combined 25 years in the stored value business in the EU and US.

Whilst this industry experience has enabled the ability to sell Gift Cards on the internet, this experience can also provide clients with the expertise and knowledge in order to help develop and implement a robust Gift Card strategy.

There are many elements that drive businesses today and it’s an ongoing challenge not only to keep pace but strive to master in order to drive ongoing business success. Our business expertise can help you focus on the key attributes of stored value product:

Innovative Value Proposotions
Operations - Technology

Our experience, partnerships and broad capabilities can help maximize opportunities and avoid mistakes for clients.

Call us or email us [email protected] and let us get your Gift Card proposition off to a great start and an even better conclusion!

*Figures from the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association of which TheGiftCardCentre are members, with two of its directors having sat at board level.

Members of the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association