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Motivate Customers

With the constant ever changing marketplace, and the economic crunch, businesses have to be more and more savvy when it comes to customer attrition and loyalty.

Happy Customers also mean happy staff for you, as you are assisting them meet their targets and work succesfully by enabling them to reward their best accounts.

TheGiftCardCentre is focused on providing the biggest selection of UK based Gift Cards from leading retailers which can be used to reward your customers, and with our experience in the incentive industry we can come up with innovative ideas for you to remain at the top of your field and retain your customer loyalty time and time again.

With special occasion and customizable card carriers - and fantastic packaging partnerships with innovators in the industry, TheGiftCardCentre can assist with making your perfect rewards program.

Our team will review your corporate objectives with you and will create a tailored program for you from a wide range of Gift Cards and other stored value solutions. If you are wanting gift vouchers we can assist with those sales as well.

Our expertise with technology means that bespoke websites within our site, or your own reward website can be designed to help you achieve maximum benefit from your customer reward programs.

  • Gift Cards enable your customer to make their own choice
  • Can be used anywhere in the UK*
  • Some Gift Cards can be “topped up” by the recipient to purchase an experience of greater value
  • Each time the recipient makes a purchase your gift is remembered
  • Has a high perceived value - continuing long after being used – unlike cash rewards so long remembered after cash rewards have been forgotten

    *depending on which brand you use