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Café Rouge (The Restaurant Card)
Café Rouge (The Restaurant Card)

Café Rouge (The Restaurant Card)

The Restaurant Card

The Restaurant Card gift card offers the choice of eating in over 250 restaurants across the UK, across renowned restaurant chains. Café Rouge will appeal to a Parisian foodie fan.

Café Rouge is a true reflection of a timeless Parisian Bistro serving French classics alongside some modern twists. Open to everyone for breakfast, morning coffee or afternoon tea and even a three course meal no matter the occasion.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to help someone special celebrate, there’s no better way to treat them than with the Restaurant Card gift card. The gift card can be topped up with any balance you wish – from £10 up to £500 and can be redeemed in over 250 famous restaurant chains across the country. The benefit is that it provides plenty of flexibility for the recipient, in which they can choose to dine at a restaurant of their choice from the list provided.

*please note that the card design may vary from the image shown

Where can I spend the Café Rouge (The Restaurant Card)?

The Restaurant Card voucher can be redeemed at any participating restaurant nationwide, including some of the UK’s well-known restaurant chains including Bella Italia’s 90 restaurants, Café Rouge’s 100 restaurants, and Las Iguana’s offering a Latin American-themed menu.The Restaurant Card gift card can be redeemed on any day of the week at any time of day. The balance can be spent in full, or as part payment on both food and drinks, including alcoholic beverages.

Can a Café Rouge (The Restaurant Card) be used online?

No. Unfortunately, The Restaurant Card gift card cannot be used to purchase food online. It can only be used in-store at participating restaurants.

How do I check my gift card balance?

You can check the balance on your personal The Restaurant Card gift card by following this link: enter your card number and pin code to show the remaining balance left on the gift card.

How long are gift cards valid?

The Restaurant Card gift card is valid for 24 months from purchase or last use. Any remaining funds after this time will be lost. Please note that any monies on the card cannot be replaced with cash.