The Gift Card Centre Ltd

Gift Cards for Business

TheGiftCardCentre boasts one of the biggest selections of UK gift cards for businesses. Our relationships with our suppliers means that we
are able to quickly and securely supply corporate gift cards for employee and customer incentives. We can deliver gift cards direct to your staff or customers, or in bulk to you for dispatch.  We can also deliver e-gift cards or digital gift cards to our corporate customers.  Contact us to be added to our helping hand area.


Bulk Sales

We Can help run your campaign or reward
strategy using physical cards, as well as
e-codes in bulk. We also offer mailout services for
both physical and digital campaigns


If you spend £5k  or over, discounts can usually be obtained for bulk purchases of gift cards % is depending on the brand and quantity. Please ask us for further details.


Our WishCard enables you to sit back and let
your team decide what they want! The WishCard acts as a
method of payment on this website, and gives
them the ultimate gift of choice for their reward



Staff & Customer Incentives



Staff Motivation


Customer Motivation



Our selection of UK based gift cards and e-codes from leading
retailers can be used to reward staff, drive employee and
agent incentive programs, provide exciting corporate gifts and
even to allow your staff to choose their own reward using our Wish Card.
With the constant ever changing marketplace, and the
economic crunch, businesses have to be more and more savvy
when it comes to customer attrition and loyalty.
Happy customers = Happy Staff!


Work with our team who can review your corporate
objectives with you and will create:
We can come up with innovative ideas for you to remain
at the top of your field and retain your customer loyalty:
  • A tailored program for you from a wide range of gift cards and other stored value solutions.

  • Your own bespoke reward and recognition platform

  • Established dispatch systems.

  • Management reports for tracking dispatch and purchasing

  • Assessment of schemes including the most popular giftcard selected.

  • Personalised messages and innovative packaging can also be tailored to your needs

  • Special occasion and customizable card carriers and packaging with innovators in the industry.

  • Some giftcards can be topped-up by you or the recipient to save and increase their spend

  • Bespoke platform within our site, or your own reward website can be designed to help you achieve maximum benefit from your customer reward programs.

  • Gift Cards have a high perceived value - continuing long after being used – unlike cash rewards, Gift Cards are long remembered after cash rewards have been forgotten or ended up in the debt pool!





Do you want your gift card to reach a new audience and for us to sell your gift card on our
websites?, please do not hesitate to contact us. TheGiftCardCentre works with merchants by:

Selling your gift card on our site and our
associated platforms
to our consumers and corporate

Assisting you to sell more to
the UK leading agencies using our in-house
sales team

Helping you to sell to
consumers by offering you a
white label website solution and no staffing issues

Gift Card Consultancy

Our founder CEO Caroline has over 28 years of experience in this great industry of employee benefits, incentives and gifting.

Our partnerships and broad capabilities can help maximize opportunities and avoid mistakes for clients.

Whether you are just considering gift cards as a solution or have had years of business in the stored value industry, TheGiftCardCentre’s consulting services can create value for clients and serve as trusted business advisors.

Whilst this industry experience has enabled the ability to sell gift cards on the internet, this experience can also provide clients with the expertise and knowledge in order to help develop and implement a robust gift card strategy.

There are many elements that drive businesses today and it’s an ongoing challenge not only to keep pace but strive to master in order to drive ongoing business success.

Contact the team and let us show you how to maximise your own currency