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The WishCard is the perfect gift for your recipient, give them the gift of choice and they can simply choose what they want from over 180 brands on our website!

Once you purchase, you will be sent your order confirmation and a link is there for you to then email your WishCard to your recipient/s.

They will get an email from us with your message, and they simply click back into our website, and use the Wish Card code to checkout with once they have chosen their gift card which is then posted out to them. The cost of the WishCard also includes their postage so its a complete gift! You can send The WishCard by email or by post. See both options to choose.

If you wish to purchase WishCodes in bulk (more than 20 codes normally, please talk to our team who can assist with bulk orders for you.

*Please note that the E wishcard comes in plain text for your recipient.

Where can I spend the The WishCard by Email?

The WishCard can only be spent within the Giftcard Centre to order the recipients Gift card of choice

Can a The WishCard by Email be used online?

Can only be used within The GiftCard Centre to purchase physical gift cards that are then posted to you. Your code includes postage.

How do I check my gift card balance?

Your balance will show when you apply your code into the box on the checkout page, your starting balance will show on your postal Wish Card on the reverse, and if recieved by email, within the body of the email.

How long are gift cards valid?

The Wish Card is Vaild for 12 months from date of purchase