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In today's digital age, digital gift cards have emerged as a versatile and efficient option for companies seeking to reward, incentivise, or recognize their employees, clients, or partners. This innovative approach to gifting offers numerous advantages, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

Here's why purchasing digital gift cards is a fantastic option for companies:

One of the most significant benefits of digital gift cards is their instant delivery. When you purchase digital gift cards, recipients receive them via email or mobile app almost immediately. This means you can recognize and reward employees or clients instantly, increasing their sense of appreciation
and motivation.

Digital gift cards come in a wide range of options, from major retailers and online marketplaces to specific brands and experiences. This versatility allows companies to cater to a diverse audience, ensuring that each recipient receives a gift they genuinely appreciate.

Traditional gift-giving often involves administrative tasks like packaging, shipping, and tracking. With digital gift cards, you can significantly reduce these burdens, streamlining the gifting process and saving time and resources.

TheGiftCardCentre can supply digital gift cards for most UK brands, and some EUR brands too. We also have our own digital product - TheWishCard which has been helping companies and consumers gift the gift of convenience since 2008!




Exchange for Any Gift Card on this Site

Stuck on what brand to buy? With an e-Gift Card - sent by email - your lucky recipient can swap the balance for any gift card brand on our website.

One Digital Gift Card, Unlimited Choice

With a WishCard, you can send a treat online in an instant, whilst providing thousands of gift options to a friend, colleague or family member.
The balance of our digital gift cards can be exchanged for any of these big name brands:

Sainsburys E-Gift Card John Lewis E-Gift Card Just Eat E-Gift Card MnS E-Gift Card Odeon E-Gift Card
COSTA Boots Asos Argos Asda

Plus many more >>


How Does It Work?

Online Purchase E-Gift Card Personal Message on E-Gift Card Sending E-Gift Card Using E-Gift Card

Choose the value you wish to gift and purchase the card online.

Add a personal message to the recipient using the link provided. 

Enter the lucky recipients’ email address and press send.

The recipient can use the code on the website for the card they want.

You will also receive a copy of the email sent, just in case your recipient does not receive theirs due to spam filters.
So you can then forward it on.


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Wish Card as a E-Gift Card

Simply add your E-WishCard to your basket to buy, send and spend online straight away.


Online Vouchers for Every Occasion 

eVouchers for Department Store

Electronic eVouchers

eVouchers for Department Store Electronic E-Gift Card
We all love a good shop in a department store, browsing gorgeous items we might like to add to our homes and loving the fashion available.  With a department store gift card the choice is endless. If you know your recipient needs a new computer, ipad, pair of headphones or the latest computer game, then an electrical goods gift card is the perfect solution. One for gadget lovers everywhere.

Online Fashion Vouchers

Supermarket eVouchers

Fashion E-Gift Card Grocery E-Gift Cards
Treat someone special to the latest styles and trends in clothing and footwear with our fantastic range of fashion gift cards, including River Island, H&M and Boohoo. We have a great range of Supermarket Gift Cards redeemable at checkouts across the UK. Including Morrisons, Sainsbury's, ASDA, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.

Restaurant eVouchers

Health & Beauty eVouchers

Restaurant eVouchers Beauty Online Vouchers
Giving someone the ability to go out for a meal with friends and family to enjoy some relaxing times is a real treat. Giving a food or restaurant gift card means they can make memories and think of you at the same time. Choose from over 55 fantastic restaurant gift cards for beloved brands across the UK. From makeup to beauty treatments, and even wellness gift cards, we’ve got your back.  Recipients can enjoy a visit to a fantastic spa and or a day out with their gift from you!  Treat an employee to a relaxing massage or beauty products. Health and Beauty gift card and vouchers are just the nicest gift!

Experience eVouchers

Cinema eVouchers

Experience eVouchers Cinema eVouchers
Who doesn’t love a fantastic day out, trying out a daring experience, or travelling to a place you have never been. Experience gift cards are such a great way of treating your loved ones or saying thanking a hard-working colleague. Treat someone to a great night out, or to lots of goodies to eat on their visit to the latest blockbuster. Cinema gift cards can usually be used online to book your trip, and most can be spent in the cinema on popcorn and more.

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