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Corporate Sales with TheGiftCardCentre

TheGiftCardCentre boasts one of the biggest selection of UK gift cards and e-codes. Our relationships with our suppliers means that we
are able to supply quickly and securely. We can deliver gift cards direct to your staff or customers, or in bulk to you for dispatch





We can help run your campaign or reward strategy using physical cards, as well as e-codes in bulk. We have one of the biggest selections of e-codes available.

Depending on your order, discounts can sometimes be obtained for large purchases of gift cards depending on brand and quantity. Please ask us for further details

The WishCard enables you to sit back and let your team decide! The WishCard acts as a method of payment on this website, and gives them the ultimate gift of choice.


If you would like your gift card to reach a new audience and for us to sell your gift card on our
website, please do not hesitate to contact us. TheGiftCardCentre works with merchants by:


Selling your gift card on our site to
consumers and corporate customers
Assisting you to sell more to corporates
using our in-house sales team

Assisting you to sell to consumers by
offering you a white label website solution